Recently A mother with six children requests for help to the Amitabha Malaysia. Her husband, who was a part-time worker at the steel scrap factory, had injured both hands in a traffic accident two weeks ago and needed one to two months to regain his ability to work. As a part-time worker, he without protected by any employment contract, the father has no income, and the family began the life that doesn’t know where their next meal is coming.
Just a week ago, as a pillar of the family economy, he thought a slight recovery from a lesser-hurt hand and wanted to start working get some income for his family. Who knows, the evil is not a single line. He died after a traffic accident while riding his motorcycle from his home to work in Kota Tinggi.
The oldest of the six children in the family is only ten years old, while the youngest is only four months old. Maimunah, who also lost her husband and economic pillar, has only a weekly source of income, with only RM320 per month. Despite the welfare department’s monthly subsidy of RM450,
the family of seven is still struggling to live.
Amitabha Malaysia is here to appeal to all sectors to lend a helping hand to this family, and we are welcome all kinds of donation, including milk powder, diapers, and daily needs.

📞 Donation hotline:07-213 2448