Emperor Liangwu Dharma Assembly serves as one of the most profound methods for Buddhists to perform prayers of repentance together, all sins can be purified through the act of repentance thus dispelling obstacles in the pursuit of Buddha dharma. The tutelary deities to be supplicated in Emperor Liangwu Dharma Assembly are the eight Buddhas and two Bodhisattvas.

Emperor Liangwu Dharma Assembly is a continuity of Mahayana Buddhist  tradition that helps to delicate merits to the deceased and bring blessings to the living by liberate the souls of ancient ancestors, aborted /miscarried babies, karmic creditors and others. By participating in this supreme dharma assembly, the amount of merit arising from this is definitely inconceivable and boundless, shall be blessed with long life, a strong, healthy and good-looking body, wealth and reputation; this merit is going to benefit not only oneself, but also one’s immediate and extended family.