Auntie Yu, 65, lives alone on the third floor of an abandoned shophouse in the busy city. Her mother and younger brother died one after another in the past two years. Apart from leaving Auntie Yu immeasurable sadness and loneliness, both of them left her a room full of old things to be sorted out too.

Auntie Yu broke her leg a year ago, she’s unable to work now, and her feet still cannot stand and walk. When she was first injured, she relied on a friend to take her to Hospital Sultanah Aminah for follow-up. After that, Auntie Yu stayed in her 3rd floor small room for 15 months. Kind ex-boss and neighbours bought her some food; during MCO, she had bread and biscuits to fill her hunger most of the time.

In the past 1 or 2 months, Auntie Yu realized that she could not control her bladder function, and the floor is all wet when she felt the urgency. The downgrading physiological function making Auntie Yu panic and lost. She tried to narrate her own experience firmly but broke down and sobbed helplessly. The volunteers secretly wiped the tears and encouraged her to face it positively, and consider to move in Amitabha Old Folks Home to receive proper care and balanced diet.

Auntie Yu’s inferiority is her biggest burden. She is afraid of bringing inconveniences to others, and hopes that her health can improve and continue to live independently.

Note: Volunteers will continue to visit Auntie Yu and bring her daily necessities, to be continued… (real name is not revealed to protect the beneficiary)