About half-a-year ago, we received an assistance call from a 64 year-old lady, Madam Chong.  

Madam Chong stayed alone, and has no known relatives. She has two best friends that known for decades, who would

visit her every now and then.  

When we meet Madam Chong, we understood that she had stage 4 breast cancer. While her cancer went into

remission after chemotherapy (around two years ago), it relapsed about half-a-year ago.  

Out of options, Madam Chong called our assistance line and asked for necessities. She told us that “It’s very hard for

me to go out and buy things, my leg is weak. I hope that you can send me some foodstuff.”  

From that day onward, we would visit Madam Chong every month, and deliver her the daily necessities.  

Last week, we received an unexpected call from Madam Chong’s friend. We were informed that Madam Chong has

passed away.  

All of us at Amitabha remember that when Madam Chong got her deliveries, she would thank us and told us to keep

good work up. It was so motivating to hear that from our recipients, reminding us that our efforts are all worth it.  

We feel very honored to have helped Madam Chong. While it may not amount to much, we hope that the warmth and

care we gave her was in-time.  

Now that Madam Chong is free from the sickness and suffering, we pray that Madam Chong would rest-in-peace and

achieve nirvana. Namo Amitabha.  

If you know anyone that need help, please call us at:  

📞Assistance Hotline : 07-213 2448  

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