In conjunction with International Women’s Day, Amitabha Malaysia had organized 【Kidney Healthathon】to create public awareness of kidney disease prevention to reduce the number of kidney patients. This event is Co-organize with Yellow Bin and proudly receive AEON Mall Tebrau City as venue sponsor. On 9th March, a yoga session is starting from 10.00am till 11.30am, leading by 5 yoga instructors. Publics enjoys this peaceful and relaxing yoga session.

On 11am to 9pm, the health check-up station is ready to serve publics. SP Healthcare is providing urine test and blood pressure measurement; the urine test including Urinary bilirubin, Bilirubin, Ketone body,.Red Blood Cells, Protein, Nitrite, White blood cells, Glucose in urine, specific gravity and pH.

At the same time, Nature Concept TCM Healthcare providing charity TCM consultation, also they sponsor us 150 packs of Octonic Nourishing Drinks (Bazhen) to our visitors.

We had received lots of unwanted clothes from publics, a big thank you for publics’ highly support Yellow Bin!

Also, heartfelt thanks to IOI Properties for being supportive in our CSR event.