“Could you please help me to look for a nursing home that is free of charge?” That was the first question that Uncle Yap asked when I was about to strike a conversation with him.

Uncle Yap, 75, has a daughter and he is a dialysis patient. He is currently staying alone at his daughter’s house. Few years back, Uncle Yap’s wife suffered a stroke, unable to move and was sent to a nursing home. The daughter is bearing the monthly expenses of the nursing home that costs about RM3,000.

Due to the pandemic, Uncle Yap has not seen his wife and daughter for the past seven months. Before the outbreak, every month, his daughter would visit Uncle Yap and brings him to the nursing home to see his wife. From our chat, I deeply felt his yearning for his families.

Uncle Yap is very independent and tries hard not to make his daughter who is staying in Singapore worries about him. He manages his daily food and cleans the house on his own. He jokingly said, “No one would even knows if I die at home.”

Uncle Yap takes cab to Amitabha Hemodialysis Centre. Each return trip will cost RM20. Uncle Yap feels guilty as he thinks he is a burden to his daughter, and repeatedly asked to locate a nursing home with no cost.

Uncle Yap is an optimistic person, smiling throughout the conversation. He said he could only face all obstacles bravely as things has happened.

We hope Uncle Yap could be optimistic, stay happy and healthy.

Remarks: Amitabha Malaysia is in discussion with relevant departments, hoping to fulfil Uncle Yap’s wish.