“Let’s go for a spiritual journey on this weekend, a 3 steps 1 bow pilgrimage to pay homage to Guanyin Bodhisattva! “

A unique lotus walkway in Malaysia, heightened with 708 pieces of fine stone, leading from Guanyin Hall to Guanyin pavillion in bamboo groove, known as “The Passage to Buddha”. Every Buddhisattva’s Birthday, thousands of devotees join this 3 steps 1 bow pilgrimage, experience the peaceful spiritual journey in alongwith the harmonious melody.

Worshipping from the foot to the summit, thus achieve stable escalating.
Worshipping from Guanyin Hall to bamboo groove, thus attain wisdom and enlightenment.
Worshipping from one person to thousands of people, thus fulfil smooth sailing.
Worshipping from respectful to honour, thus promote Dharma prosperity, everyone is relieved from the 3 eveil realms

Bring your family and loved ones to Putuo Village this Sunday to particiapte “3 steps 1 bow” Guanyin Birthday Pilgrimage. A series of interesting activities is available to spend a memorable weekend here!

Date : 24/07/2016(Sun.)
Time : 8am – 5pm
“3 steps 1 bow” Guanyin Birthday Pilgrimage ~ 8am – 9.30am”
Venue : 古来普陀村 Putuo Village, Kulai
Tel: 07-2389303