Lost job seniors, don’t worry we’ll always stay with you

About half-a-year ago, we received an assistance call from a 64 year-old lady, Madam Chong.  

Madam Chong stayed alone, and has no known relatives. She has two best friends that known for decades, who would

visit her every now and then.  

When we meet Madam Chong, we understood that she had stage 4 breast cancer. While her cancer went into

remission after chemotherapy (around two years ago), it relapsed about half-a-year ago.  

Out of options, Madam Chong called our assistance line and asked for necessities. She told us that “It’s very hard for

me to go out and buy things, my leg is weak. I hope that you can send me some foodstuff.”  

From that day onward, we would visit Madam Chong every month, and deliver her the daily necessities.  

Last week, we received an unexpected call from Madam Chong’s friend. We were informed that Madam Chong has

passed away.  

All of us at Amitabha remember that when Madam Chong got her deliveries, she would thank us and told us to keep

good work up. It was so motivating to hear that from our recipients, reminding us that our efforts are all worth it.  

We feel very honored to have helped Madam Chong. While it may not amount to much, we hope that the warmth and

care we gave her was in-time.  

Now that Madam Chong is free from the sickness and suffering, we pray that Madam Chong would rest-in-peace and

achieve nirvana. Namo Amitabha.  

If you know anyone that need help, please call us at:  

📞Assistance Hotline : 07-213 2448  

❤️Sponsor the campaign: https://bit.ly/3u9a9hB 

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

The long-awaited Mid-Autumn Festival has finally arrived! After dinner, the children began to prepare a small Mid-

Autumn Party. Everyone lights up the candles and lanterns, moon gazing and enjoying their favourite mooncake.

Everyone had an amazing fun time.  

Remember the Mid-Autumn Festival in previous years, social workers and volunteers will visit caring shelter

in Putuo Village, Kulai, accompanying old folks, have a feast, chatting and singing with them.   

Because of the pandemic, we have been two years didn’t celebrate the festival with the elderly. We hope the pandemic

will end soon, let our life back to normal, wishing everyone have a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!   

Salute to all the medical staff & volunteers!

More than a year and a half fighting with the COVID19, the epidemic continues to spread, all the medical staffs are

fighting day and night against the disease.  

On September 10, 2021, the Amitabha Malaysia delivered some food to Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor Bahru, to

cheer on the medical fighters and do their part to support the front line. The donation includes 100 boxes of medical

masks, 52 cartons of mineral water, 100 packets of cereal, milo, instant noodles, and biscuits.  

In addition, children from Amitabha Charity Orphanage have prepared a painting for the medical warriors to thank

them for their efforts. Hope this little care may give our medical warriors a big hug and recharge. 

Here again, we would like to salute all front-line personnel, thank you for your selfless efforts! Because of your

persistence, we firmly believe that everything will be all right! 

You’re not lonely, we’re always be with you

Amitabha Malaysia received a call for help from an old lady, a 66-year-old elderly lady with no children, whose

husband died a month ago. The old lady worked as a dishwasher in Singapore before the MCO in March last year but

lost her job because of the pandemic. Since the old lady lost her job, all the family expenses have been handled by her

husband. During the home visit, she told the volunteer with tears: “He left,I’m lonely and  have no relatives.”   

Amitabha Malaysia will continue to follow up for the next six months, give the old lady a monthly home visit and

deliver daily supplies to her. 


物资收集站 Collecting Point:  

Caring Shelter in Putuo Village, Kulai  


Lot 1488, Jalan Kampung Felda Taib Andak,  

Off Jalan Kota Tinggi 81000 Kulaijaya, Johor.  

Tel: +607-535 3358  

Amitabha Orphanage  


115 & 115A, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Abad  

80250 Johor Bahru, Johor.  

Tel: +607-535 3356  

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Amitabha Malaysia (KL Representative Office)  


A-14 & A-15, Jalan Rukun 7, Happy Garden, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama 58200 Kuala Lumpur.  

Tel: +603-7890 3700 

KH Crystal Sponsoring Kidney Dialysis Treatment to Needy Patients

The life of kidney patients was very difficult. Every month the patient needs at least RM 2000 to pay for dialysis

treatment, which is a huge expense for the patient and their family. The pandemic has seriously affected the income of

many families, but kidney patients need three times in a month to maintain their lives. This pandemic makes the life of

dialysis patients even more difficult. We would like to thank KH Crystal Sdn.Bhd., for extending a helping hand when

the patients are most helpless. KH Crystal sponsored 10 times dialysis treatments for 11 dialysis patients with financial

difficulties in the Amitabha Dialysis Center. Their kindness and deeds reduced lots of burden on kidney patients and

their families! 

【2021 THE GREAT MERIT­SHARING Emperor Liangwu Dharma Assembly】

Online Reg. https://bit.ly/2TsUI5o

Emperor Liangwu Dharma Assembly is a continuity of Mahayana Buddhist tradition that helps to dedicate merits to the deceased and bring blessings to the living by liberating the souls of ancient ancestors, aborted/miscarried babies, karmic creditors and others.
By participating in this supreme dharma assembly, the amount of merit arising from this is definitely inconceivable and boundless, shall be blessed with long life, a strong, healthy and good-looking body, wealth and reputation; this merit is going to benefit not only oneself but also one’s immediate and extended family.

📅12/08/2021 -­ 15/08/2021
🕰8.30am – 5.00pm
📍Putuo Village
📞07-213 2448

The donation boxes unable to collect because of business closure

Amitabha Malaysia has been trusted by SMEs for many years and agreed to place a donation box in the shop front, letting the people donate at will while shopping and having meal, to help disadvantaged groups in society. However, under the impact of the pandemic in 2020, many businesses have faced difficulties and some are ended their business. Therefore, Amitabha Malaysia is in hardship to collect donation boxes from the business owner because of unable to contact them. 

Those donation boxes are all donated and sponsored by benevolent people. The purpose is to gather kindness from everyone, assist the needy to tide over their difficulties. Therefore, Amitabha Malaysia hopes those business owners can take the initiative to contact them and return the donation box. If the public finds an abandoned donation box or encounters any suspicious fundraising activities under the name of Amitabha Malaysia, please contact us at 07-2132448 or email enquiry@amitabhafoundation.my . 

Donate Blood Donate Love

The first blood donation campaign in 2021 ended perfectly and successfully raised 112 bags of blood. 

Amitabha Malaysia works together with and KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital organized a blood donation campaign on March 28, located in Putuo Village, Kulai. Blood donation long-term partner TCM Nature Concept was invited to provide charity consultations for the public.  

Blood donors are encouraged to book a slot through online appointments to avoid overcrowded. A series of social distancing SOP was conducted strictly to ensure blood donors are safe. Thank you to all our participants, your kind action is our great encouragement! 

Spread Kindness, no matter how much you give

Amitabha Malaysia started to provide family assistance to Mdm Wong and her family since 2014. At that time, her husband’s job was unstable and their children were young. It was difficult to only rely on the husband’s income. Hence Amitabha Malaysia provide monthly necessitites to this family to relieve some of their burdens. We’re glad that every year when social worker visit Mdm Wong and her family, we found their living condition is improving! A few weeks ago, we received a call from Mdm Wong:  

“I’ve found a job as babby sitter also some home based work, and able to improve our family income. My husband’s job is getting stable too, I hope the monthly assistance for our family can transfer to other needy family.” 

Mdm Wong express her gratitude and become our monthly donation donor, looking forward to help more needy people. 

Chinese New Year

In a blink of an eye, the Chinese New Year is approaching, and the happiest holiday for children in the orphanage is here! On the morning of the first day of the New Year, the children look fresh and exciting. Everyone put on new red clothes to greet the first day of the new year.  

 What children look forward to is playing fireworks at night. Lots of fun and laughter filled the house. 

 The past year 2020, it is uneasy and full of challenge. Your kind support continues to provide our children a joyous and comfortable life.  ❤️ 

Spread the love 🎁 https://bit.ly/3kUlVaR 

 May you and I do our best to share the beauty of kindness around us. Together, we bring warmth to the disadvantaged groups in society.