Love & Kindness bring Hope to Life

Recently, our volunteers visited an Indian family, a 61 YO father, a 54 YO mother and a 31 YO elder son; they lost their younger son in an accident seven years ago. The father used to be a taxi driver, but he’s unemployed due to diabetes and toes amputation. The wife is taking care of his daily life. Their eldest son met a severe accident last year. He was discharged in May 2019 but half of his face was paralysed. However, he managed get back to work in July 2019.

It’s sad to find out that family had been surviving on bread and water for several months. Amitabha Malaysia is providing this family daily supplies every month. This aid will be transferred to next needy when this family’s condition is improved and stabilized.

Feel free to contact us should you interested in lending a helping hand to underprivileged families.

Tel: +6012- 779 9593

Fire Rescue – Saving Lives

On 5th September, firefighters from Taman Desa Fire Station conducted a fire drill at Amitabha Malaysia Old Folks Home, KL. Firefighters patiently taught caregivers and senior citizens how to use fire extinguishers and share them basic knowledge of fire protection. This fire drill creates awareness among the residents, everyone is equipped with the knowledge of using fire extinguishers at first place and evacuation route if any unfortunate happens.

Warm Mid-autumn Festival Celebration

14th September, a memorable Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration was held at Amitabha Malaysia Old Folks Home, Kulai. Xin En Association and Fo Yin Valley prepared a sumptuous dinner for elderlies and had a wonderful Karaoke session together. Accompanied by energetic volunteers, senior citizens’ had an enjoyable night under the moonlight. Thanks to energetic volunteers and kind donors that succeeded this momentous Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration.

Service with Your Heart

Amitabha Malaysia team members attended Ms Lisa Chang’s “ Service with Your Heart” training on 21st Aug.

All are benefited from role-playing and case study. Everyone gets to know each other better through personality test, thus the team is united and aim to create a better society together!

Caring & Loving The Elderlies

On 18th Aug, volunteers from Fo Guang Shan had visited our old folks home at Putuo Village, Kulai. They treated our elderly plenty of delicious pastries, of course, they chatted and brought lots of laughter in the house. Thank you FGS volunteers’ kind visit, we’re looking forward to their next visit!

If you wish to bring joyous to our grandpas and grandmas too, feel free to contact us!

Tel: +607-213 3398

2019 THE GREAT MERIT-SHARING Emperor Liangwu Dharma Assembly

Amitabha Malaysia had organized【2019 THE GREAT MERIT-SHARING Emperor Liangwu Dharma Assembly】from August 8th to 11th at Putuo Village Kulai. Rev.Zhenyao role as the conductor in this Dharma Assembly. By participating in this supreme dharma assembly, participants shall be blessed by boundless merits. And the merits repay to social stability, people’s well-being. We delighted that lots of participants joined this assembly, the sincerest way to express filial piety, wishes the ancestors reach earlier in the Pureland.

3 Steps 1 bow Pilgrimage & Blood Donation

In conjunction with the celebration of Guanyin’s birthday, Amitabha Malaysia organized a series of activities on 5th July, including a 3 Steps 1 Bow Pilgrimage, a blood donation campaign, a TCM charity consultation, and a health check-up. Many blood warriors supported the blood donation campaign; we successfully obtained196 packs of blood for JB Hospital Sultanah Aminah. This activity helps the hospital’s blood bank to maintain a stable blood supply. Thanks to all the donors and volunteers who participated in our charity activities, we hope continue to uphold this spirit of dedication to our society.

The public who wish to join as volunteers, please call 012-779 9581, or visit our website and fan page

Do Charity, action for happiness!

Amitabha Malaysia has a home visit to a low-income Indian family. The family with three children (aged seven, ten, and 11) living in a gloomy and narrow place. The children’s dad was paralysed, caused by a car accident in 2014. Mother became the backbone of the whole family. When the mother is working, the 11-year-old child is the main caregiver to the father, change medicine, and feed him, the child’s independence is heart-wrenching. The good news is their children have a good result in academic and curriculum activities even under this living condition; there’re many trophies and medals display in the living room. The family will receive monthly assistance of daily needs and adult diapers from Amitabha Malaysia.

If you would like to donate, please transfer to 【PERTUBUHAN KEBAJIKAN AMITABHA MALAYSIA 】CIMB 8001 4590 51 or visit

Tel : +07-2132448

Sweet Treats Kind Deeds

Heartfelt thanks to Mr. Yau and his team from Wall’s ice-cream gave us a wonderful day! Wall’s team sponsored five pcs of the stand fans, RM500 of the Popular Books’ store voucher, and a sumptuous vegetarian lunch. They guide our children to do ice-cream roll and twisted potatoes, also they raised a DIY ice-cream deco competition in our home. See their happy face; our children are too much enjoy during this SWEET session!Thanks again to Wall’s team, share happy, spread sweet memories! For the public and fellow devotees, should you wish to help us in other ways, such as organizing group activities, to light up our children’s’ life, you are welcomed to contact us.

Amitabha Malaysia Orphanage : ps://

Tel: +607- 3383367

A haircut that spreads love and joy

Volunteers from E.Vogue Hair Salon gave the children from Amitabha Buddhist Orphanage a haircut and prepared an abundant meal for everyone. Early in the morning, the volunteers made preparations and took turns to give the children a haircut. The volunteers attentively gave the children haircuts that suited them. After the haircut, the children appeared lively and refreshed. During the haircut, another group of volunteers prepared lunch in the kitchen for the children. Lunchtime came, and the children were enjoying their abundant and delectable meal. Love forged with charity transcends all boundaries. We need to offer a minuscule portion of our love and care to spread immense happiness to the people around us.