Clean and Hygiene

Students of SMK Bandar Putra visited the Caring Shelter in Putuo Village, Kulai and cleaned up the place, sweeping and washing the floor. With well managed job allocation, the entire shelter was completely cleaned within an hour. Afterwards, some of the seniors enjoyed a series of diabolo (Chinese yoyo) performances, while some chatted with the other students. On the whole, the show and the communion with youngsters proved to be useful ingredients for a delightful day.

Spark of Joy

Some three- to six-year-old children visited the old people in Amitabha Caring Shelter (KL), entertaining them with performances and games. Some sang with the residents, while some lovably danced in lively steps. All who were present spent an enjoyable morning and had a good time together.

Donate Blood ,Donate Love

The kindhearted were rallied for blood donation by Amitabha Malaysia in Sutera Mall on 21st April (Sunday). Their number generous, their love bountiful, which contributed to 232 packets of blood donated to Hospital Sultanah Aminah. Concurrent events organized by Amitabha Malaysia include environmental friendly resource collection, health checkups, and charity TCM consultation. Also, bamboo leaf tea prepared by Putuo Village was served. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Benefited from the gifts from these donars, the problem of blood shortage is temporarily solved, and the need for more needy people is fulfilled, as many lives will be saved. May more people contribute to acts of love and may our society become more caring.

Blessing Love

On the day of visit, volunteers from the Malaysian Physical Therapy Association visited the Amitabha Caring Shelter (KL) and, through casual chatting, established mutual trust with the elderly there. The exchanges, followed by simple and easy stretching exercises led by the physiotherapists, also helped the latter learn about them. Such simple exercises are not to be sold short. They serve to help the elderly maintain their flexibility and promote blood circulation. At the end of the event, sharing their experiences in volunteering so far, several volunteers unanimously agree that they feel the happiness, blessing, and growth in themselves every time. There is more to volunteer work than helping others – one also builds up one’s experience and trains one’s mind. May the volunteers’ spirit of service will continue to be carried forward and passed down.

2019 Lions International & Community Fun Run

The first day of the trip is playing at Kidzania, children can get to know a variety of occupation there, and they are very curious about firefighters, pilots, and doctors. It’s an interesting and interactive learning environment, children can experience the actual work of these professions from the first hand. More importantly, they learn to be independent and understand the value of teamwork, develop their skillset, and to learn basic financial management. The second day, the children are gathered at Lake Garden, doing Zumba, yoga, laughter yoga, coloring, and some ball sports. Thank you once again to our trip sponsor Lions Club of JB Golden Century, your kindheart brought our kids a memorable short trip.

The Buddhism Charity Orphanage was invited by Lions Club of JB Golden Century to join a 2D1N KL trip.

Kidney Healthathon

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, Amitabha Malaysia had organized 【Kidney Healthathon】to create public awareness of kidney disease prevention to reduce the number of kidney patients. This event is Co-organize with Yellow Bin and proudly receive AEON Mall Tebrau City as venue sponsor. On 9th March, a yoga session is starting from 10.00am till 11.30am, leading by 5 yoga instructors. Publics enjoys this peaceful and relaxing yoga session.

On 11am to 9pm, the health check-up station is ready to serve publics. SP Healthcare is providing urine test and blood pressure measurement; the urine test including Urinary bilirubin, Bilirubin, Ketone body,.Red Blood Cells, Protein, Nitrite, White blood cells, Glucose in urine, specific gravity and pH.

At the same time, Nature Concept TCM Healthcare providing charity TCM consultation, also they sponsor us 150 packs of Octonic Nourishing Drinks (Bazhen) to our visitors.

We had received lots of unwanted clothes from publics, a big thank you for publics’ highly support Yellow Bin!

Also, heartfelt thanks to IOI Properties for being supportive in our CSR event.

Old Folks Home Visit by People Giving

People Giving Organization came over to visit Amitabha Malaysia KL branch on 2 March, Saturday. They had raised RM1,260 through their fund raising, these funds are used as medical and daily necessities in old folks home. Also, they provide us a delicious lunch. Having their visit to our centre brings joy and smile to our residents. We’re looking forward to their next visit.

Ruthless Fire , Human Warmth

On 23rd Feb, there was a fire accident happened in Taman Daya, Jalan Sagu 36. The fire destroyed 90 units of foreign workers hostel, involved 300 foreign workers. Fortunately, no one was killed or injured in the accident. Amitabha Malaysia immediately sends foods, daily supplies, and clothes to them after receiving the message. All the victims of the fire accident are benefited.

An alms-giving event by SWM Environment Sdn Bhd

On 15th Feb, YB Dato’ Salahuddin Bin Ayub (Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry)had attended the charity event which organized by SWM Environment Sdn Bhd (SWM). During the charity event, SWM Environment had donated daily supplies and anpow to Amitabha Malaysia’s orphanage, old folks home and the patients in the kidney dialysis centre.