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Amitabha Malaysia has invited renowned Mahayana Ven. Zhen Yao, accompanied by other monks to address the grand puja of Medicine Buddha & 12 powerful Yaksa Generals in the Great Assembly, praying for the stability of nation, eliminating natural disasters and calamities, as well as to bring peace, prosperity and good luck to all participants in the forthcoming Year of the Ox 2021.

In addition, to provide breakfast, lunch and tea break during the puja, there are flowers available to worship the Buddha, Compassionate Holy Water for better luck, and complimentary blessing gifts for participants.

If sincerely praise the Buddha and take part in the puja with respectful heart, one will receive immeasurable merits, welcome an auspicious new year and plant the bodhiseed in the life path.Feel free to call 07-2132448 for more details.