Putuo Village in Kulai ushered in the annual Bhaisajye Buddha Twelve Dharmapala Dharma Assembly which lasted for three days starting from 29 –31 January. Due to the pandemic situation, we have conducted a virtual ceremony with many devotees participated online.

2020 is a year chained by the pandemic imposing a great challenge for everyone. May the upcoming year be a prosperous and healthy year for everyone especially with Buddha’s blessings.

We are honored to invite the renowned Mahayana Venerable Shi Zhen Yao accompanied by other monks to address the grand puja of Medicine Buddha and twelve Powerful Yaksa generals in the Great Assembly, praying for the stability of nation, eliminating natural disasters and calamities as well as to bring peace, prosperity and good luck to all participants in the forthcoming year..

All the income from this blessing ceremony would be channeled to our Dialysis Center, Orphanage and Caring Home and not forgetting the 231 poor families. We are thankful to all dharma who participated in the worshipping and contributed to the underprivileged groups.