Amitabha Malaysia cordially invited the renowned Mahayana Venerable Shi Zhen Yao accompanied by other monks to address the grand puja of Medicine Buddha & 12 powerful Yaksa generals in the Great Assembly praying for the stability of nation, eliminating those natural disasters and calamities and to bring peace, prosperity and good luck to all participants in the forthcoming Year of the Goat 2015. Call 07-238 0448 for more dharma info, Amitabha!

Date : 19th – 21st Dec 2014
Time : 10am – 9pm
Venue : Stadium Chin Woo, Jalan Hang Jebat 50150 K.L.

When Bhaisajye Buddha practices in his Bodhisattva ways, he made twelve great vows, wishing to relieve sentient beings from suffering, and let them to have sufficient capacities to enter the way of liberation. Those who follow his vows in the practice of Buddhahood can be free from all kinds of disease and finally attaining enlightenment like the Buddha.

By reciting the “Sutra of Bhaisajye Buddha” whole-heartedly will release us from poverty, ugliness, calamities, misery and gain rebirth in Bhaisajye Buddha Pure Land. All are welcome throughout our three-day prayer, everyone can actively engage in meaningful practice to receive the blessings of Bhaisajye Buddha and 12 powerful Yaksa Generals; the merits from reciting the mantras can be dedicated towards personal wishes or to benefit loved ones, praying for the stability of nation, eliminating natural disasters, and to bring peace, prosperity and good luck to all participants in the forthcoming year of the Goat 2015.


日期:2014年12月19日- 21日
时间:10am – 9pm
地点:吉隆坡精武体育馆(Jalan Hang Jebat 50150 K.L.)


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