An alms-giving event by SWM Environment Sdn Bhd

On 15th Feb, YB Dato’ Salahuddin Bin Ayub (Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry)had attended the charity event which organized by SWM Environment Sdn Bhd (SWM). During the charity event, SWM Environment had donated daily supplies and anpow to Amitabha Malaysia’s orphanage, old folks home and the patients in the kidney dialysis centre.

Annual Dinner by Charity Haircut Volunteers Group

Our seniors in Putuo Village, old folks home were invited to attend the annual dinner by charity haircut volunteers group. The exciting programmes were prepared one after another, such as lion & dragon dance, music band performance, dance, etc. The organizer also gifted angpow and tangerines to each senior, wishing them to have a happy and meaningful Chinese New Year.

2019 Chinese New Year Celebration in Putuo Village

Putuo Village had organized a series of programmes for Chinese New Year celebration, highlights including photoshooting check-in spot, lucky draw, make a wish and Jambhala wealth blessing. Fascinating programmes attracted a large number of people. Devotees prayed for the peace and health of the new year under the blessing of the reverend.

To coincide with the Chinese New Year, Amitabha Malaysia hosted  “Deliver. Love” Reunion Dinner. On January 27th (Sunday), volunteers will be going out to share meals with 20 families in need in the Johor Bahru area so that they too can enjoy a warm reunion dinner.

Chinese New Year is the most important festival to Chinese, and it symbolizes reunion. A generous corporate donor who sponsored a dinner for 100 people to spread the warmth of the Spring Festival with families in need. Besides reunion meal, the needy families also received tangerines and Chinese New Year cookies.

Amitabha Malaysia has held the first blood donation drive in 2019 at Capital 21 in Tampoi, Johor Bahru was perfectly accomplished. The response on the blood donation drive was excellent and successfully raised 179 packs of blood for Hospital Sultanah Aminah, through this event also provided a stable blood supply to the hospital’s blood bank. Heartfelt thanks to all the blood donors and volunteers, hoping everyone continue to spread dedication and love to our society.

From January 11th to the 13th, Putuo Village, Kulai hosted the annual three-day Bhaisajye Buddha Dharma Assembly. The three-day assembly brought in a large number of visitors to Putuo Village. Led by the Venerable Zhi Yuen, devotees recited the Sutra of the Bhaisajye Buddha, chanted the Bhaisajye Buddha Puja in repentance, recited The Sutra of  Bhaisajye Buddha, chanted the Namo Bhaisajye Buddha incantation, and Bhaisajye Buddha Mantra to pray for peace and health in the new year.

The elders in Amitabha Caring Shelter (Kulai) were invited to attend the Yuan Yi Fang New Year Celebration Dinner on January 11th (Friday). On the event, organizers arranged entertainment for guests, including a Chinese Dragon and Lion Dance, band performances, and a magic show. Angpows and gift bags were also handed out to elderly guests to help them celebrate the Chinese New Year in advance.

What was so funny that sent out a rousing chorus of laughter from the Amitabha Caring Shelter (KL)? It turns out that the Laughter Yoga instructor who visited on January 12th (Saturday) came to teach the elderly residents the secret of laughter to help them maintain their physical and mental health at all times. Laughter is the best medicine because it releases stress and fills people with good vibes.

During the one and a half hours of exercise, the instructor led the elderly residents through various poses of Laughter Yoga, filling the caring shelter with the booming sounds of laughter. For this, we would like to thank the instructors sincerely and hope that these exercises can help our elderly friends cultivate the habit of laughter.

JOHOR BAHRU, Eco World is committed to fulfilling social responsibility, public welfare became their new year resolution 2019, Eco world donated one kidney dialysis machine to Amitabha Malaysia charity dialysis centre, and the handover ceremony is on 18th Jan (Fri.).

After the handover ceremony, Mr. Chong Tzer Bin, the chairman of Charity dialysis centre gave a guided tour and the daily operation of charity dialysis centre for Eco World representatives and VIPs.

The number of kidney patients is getting higher and higher, and this led to the shortage of dialysis centres in local, the limited of dialysis machines made patients have to wait for unfilled vacancies after application.

Mr. Chong pointed out that charity dialysis centre is still a shortage of RM50,000, and hope public give a helping hand in the renovation funds. For more information, please call 07-238 0448 or visit our website and fan page If you would like to donate, please transfer to 【PERTUBUHAN KEBAJIKAN AMITABHA MALAYSIA 】CIMB 8001 4590 51.