The year of 2020 is harbored with COVID-19 pandemic making it a challenge to everyone especially charity organizations. Amitabha Malaysia is grateful to our selfless donors always caring and contributing to our kidney patients, the elderly and children during this tough time.

Amitabha Dialysis Centre recently has 54 patients receive monthly subsidy for their dialysis treatment, 68 seniors well taken care of, 231 underprivileged families receive monthly necessity aid, 23 children raised with love and 740 bags of blood collected for HAS blood bank.

The phone of Amitabha Malaysia is like a piano, playing different tunes, sometimes joy and sometimes sorrow…

One day, we received a call from a kind-hearted volunteer. She couldn’t bear to witness a grandfather in his seventies sitting weakly by the roadside and begging. After understanding the situation, we realized that grandpa had heart disease. Due to his age, his body would not be able to cope with the operation. He could only rely on medication to prolong the condition. As the pandemic got worsen, grandpa’s daily begging income is only sufficient to buy some dry food and instant noodles to satisfy hunger. Grandpa’s dilapidated house also accommodates a homeless old woman, and the two are currently dependent on each other. Thanks to the notification from this kind-hearted volunteer, Amitabha Malaysia now provides daily food assistance and care for these two elderly.

Good deeds are endless, with compassion we change the world.