Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 pandemic and the peak of dengue fever, Amitabha Malaysia and Hospital Sultanah Aminah (HSA) co-organized a blood donation campaign on 1 November in Putuo Village, Kulai.

Since Johor reinforced the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), we implemented various prevention work at the blood donation venue.

In order to safe-keep the enthusiastic donors, we took precautionary measures in the waiting area, testing area and blood donation area.

In addition, Nature Concept TCM doctors were present to provide free consultation.

During the event, we witnessed a gentleman persuading his wife to participate in the campaign.

They were discussing about the benefits of blood donation. Indeed, there are many advantages in blood donation!

According to old tradition, it has always been misunderstood that blood donation could cause loss of body weight and health disorder. In fact, blood donation is a good act to help others and oneself.

In addition to saving lives, it also helps blood circulation and promotes one’s metabolism. Regular blood donation enables blood to flow smoothly, reducing blood viscosity and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.