Amitabha Malaysia received a call from a kind-hearted volunteer. The volunteer saw an old uncle begging at the road side. The volunteer could not bear to leave the old and weak uncle, thus followed him home to understand the situation.

After a long conversation with this uncle, it was learnt that he had a heart disease. The hospital recommended him to undergo heart surgery that would cost around RM22,000. The old uncle was at loss upon hearing the huge amount of medical expenses. The volunteer hope that we could provide assistance by raising funds for him.

We visited the old uncle at his home after a brief from the volunteer. This single uncle is 73 years old and is currently staying with an Indian lady. A year ago, uncle sheltered the 65 years old lady upon seeing her begging on the street. At present, the lady cooks and keeps the home clean.

Uncle is reluctant to undergo the operation. He feared his old age would not be able to cope with the surgery. During the visit, we noticed that the groceries supplies at home is not much. Uncle shared that the donation from passer-by was not much and is only sufficient to buy rice and instant noodles. Starting from November, Amitabha Malaysia would be supplying groceries to uncle in hope to lighten up the burden.

Our appreciation to our kind volunteer who tipped off us on uncle’s plight, enables us to aid the needy.

A good deed brightens a dark world. If you come upon any people who need assistance, please contact Amitabha Malaysia. Let us work together to help the underprivileged.

For enquiries, please contact Claire at 012-7799593.