The 19th day of the 9th month of Lunar calendar is Guanyin’s Birthday. Putuo Village will hold assembly【3 steps 1 bow Pilgrimage “Guanyin’s Birthday Celebration”】on 4th & 7th November 2017. Series of wonderful activities will continue till night time and You are welcome to enjoy this peaceful event!

Devotees are welcome to pray sincerely in Putuo Village with your beloved family and friends. Buddhist believe that praying, chanting and life liberation can accumulate spiritual merits during this special festival.

On that day, we also provide delicious vegan meal and complimentary blessing gifts for devotees.

Bring your family and loved ones to Putuo Village to participate “3 steps 1 bow” Guanyin Birthday Pilgrimage.

May you join this meaningful and auspicious Guanyin event in Putuo Village together! For more info, please dial 07-2389303, thank you!