Cundhi Guanyin, the great compassion Bodhisattva, has the epithet of Mother Buddha. As the “Dharma Protector”, she always accommodating people’s devotion and pursuits. Her wisdom is boundless, vows to cultivate enlightenment to save sentient beings from suffering.

On Cundhi Guanyin’s Birthday, Putuo Village is organizing a 4 day【Cundhi Guanyin Meditation Assembly】, may all devotees reciting Cundhi Mantra together to develop Cundhi spirit, wishing kind thoughts of all living beings will come true.

Reciting millions Cundhi mantra establishes the atmosphere of Buddhist practice, sharing spiritual merits with devotees, cultivating Bodhi enlightenment, as well as dedicating immeasurable merits to parents and fulfil the great wishes of own self and beloved family. May everyone be blessed and lives in harmony.

Successful reciting millions mantra is a big event to Buddhists, everyone is cordially invited to join this meaningful and auspicious Cundhi Guanyin Meditation Assembly in Putuo Village together!