The 19th day of the sixth lunar month(农历六月十九) is widely known as Guanyin’s Birthday.

Putuo Village will be holding assembly【3 steps 1 bow Pilgrimage 】from 9th to 12th July 2017 in relation to Guanyin Birthday Celebration.

Devotees are welcome to come and pray in Putuo Village with your beloved family and friends. Buddhist believe that by way of praying, chanting and lives liberation can help accumulate spiritual merits during this special festival.

Master will conduct the ceremony of 3 steps 1 bow pilgrimage on 9th and 12th July.

Throughout the four days program, we also provide delicious vegetarian meal and complimentary blessing gifts for devotees.

Bring your family and loved ones to Putuo Village to participate “3 steps 1 bow” Guanyin Birthday Pilgrimage.